Wood burning Tutorial - Shading

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If you have ever wanted to learn new or different techniques for shading with your wood burner, then you’ll want to follow along in this two-part video tutorial!

Please note, these techniques are MY way of shading. I am teaching you my style of achieving different shading, and it may not work for everyone. There is no right or wrong way to shade.

Also, using proper safety equipment while burning is your responsibility, and I do not go over the use of it in the video.

I do use a Razertip SL3 burner and pens in this tutorial - you do not need to the same burner or tips to follow along! These techniques can be used with almost any style tip!

This tutorial is a two part video tutorial, in each video you will learn the following:

Wood burning Tutorial - Part 1

  • Supplies
  • Three different styles of pens/tips that I will be using in the videos.
  • Showing how to achieve different styles of shading with each pen/tip previously talked about.
  • Sketch out 3 objects to apply these techniques to.
  • Explanation of source lights, how it affects your object, highlights, mid tones and shadows.
  • Applying those techniques to the objects we’ve drawn, with a full explanation on how/why I am doing it.

Wood burning Tutorial - Part 2

  • I go from start to finish on a full project, explaining how and why I am burning each area.
  • By using the jpeg template file provided, you can print the image out, trace it onto your wood surface, and follow along.
  • This video is done using full voice-over, and some parts have been sped up so you don’t get bored watching areas that take a long time using one technique.

One of the tips I show and use in the video is home made. If you would like to learn how to make this tip, you can find the video tutorial on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/JsuShVrGzd0

If you have followed along on the final project, I would love to see your piece! You can share it with me via Instagram messaging or send to me through e-mail at nspyrography@outlook.com

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Leaving a review/rating would help me out a lot, and is very much appreciated!

Have a wonderful day,

Jennifer Laberge - Pyrography artist

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Learn how to use different techniques for shading using your wood burner in this two-part tutorial, and then apply those techniques to your own work.

You will get access to two video tutorials as well as a jpeg template to use to follow along on the final project!
Supplies & Techniques Video
Total length: 30m, 27s
Final Project Video
Total length: 1h, 11m, 30s


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Wood burning Tutorial - Shading

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